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  • Soft-Touch Button

    Product Type


  • 6 -Stage Purification

    Power Consume

    24/36 W

  • Large 10 litres storage tank

    Tank Capacity

    12-13 LTR

  • Guided Alert System

    Flow Rate

    15 LTR / HOUR

  • Neon Flash Belt



  • 100% Water Passes Through RO and UV


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Rs. 16,590/-


It decreases turbidity. It removes microscopic Impurities. This is re-washable filter. It can be used up to 1 year.


Absorbs harmful organic chemical such as Chlorine and VOC's pesticides from feed water. GAC in this filter is acid-rinsed carbon.
Pre-carbon Filter removes chlorine and inorganic impurities. It also absorbs the taste and odour. Carbon filtering that uses a piece of activated carbon to remove contaminants and impurities, utilizing chemical adsorption.


Reduces sediment particles such as dirt and sand down to 5 Micron or larger size from water. Sediment Filter removes suspended particles such as dust, grid, dirt and sudge from water.


Reverse Osmosis is a process that will remove virtually all unwanted chemicals and pollutants from your drinking water. Through this process water is forced under pressure against a membrane with very small (microscopic) holes. Only pure water can pass through these holes and longer pollutants are flushed to the drain.

UF (Ultra Filtration)

Ultra filtration is a separation process using membranes with pore size is the range of 0.1 to 0.001micron. Typically,U.F. will remove high molecular-weight substance, colloidal materials and inorganic polyeric molecules.

Auto Flush

The purpose of the flush system is to help prevent scaling or fouling of the RO membrane(s) by providing a rapid rinse which washes away impurities and keeps the membrane clean. ... They are commonly manually controlled, but sophiticated electronic flush valves can be used for RO units.


Ultra Violet (U.V.)

It uses a UV light source which is mounted in such a manner that when water passes through in a flow is exposed to UV rays, penetrate the cells of bacteria and destroy their ability to reproduce. The germs are destroyed with UV rays after the RO stage and gives pure drinking water.


The Alkaline filter changes the acidic RO water into a perfect Natural Alkali Calcium Ionized Water. The only filtration in the world today that will reduce acidity in the body and it will produce natural calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium ions.

TDS Controller

A TDS (Total dissolved solids) controller is a device which helps in controlling the TDS level of the water coming out of the RO. The RO process reduces the hardness of the input water.